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Starts With Home is a coalition of people, organizations, businesses, and community groups joining together to build public and political support to end homelessness and housing need in Ottawa. 

Our platform was developed by over 40 housing experts and community partners and supported by the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa. We are calling on people and organizations from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to join together to make sure every person has a place to live.


Please Check out the #Startswithhome campaign on YOUTUBE

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Thursday, October 13th @ 8PM

We are confirmed to host a mayoral housing debate at the Rogers TV studio on October 13th, with Bob Chiarelli, Catherine McKenney, Mark Sutcliffe and Nour Kadri.

A group of member agencies are organizing what is sure to be an engaging conversation, drawing on questions related to the Starts With Home actions, and delivered by members of the community.

The pre-recorded debate will air at 8PM on October 13th at

Join us by interacting on twitter as we watch together!

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